Psycho Girlfriend

Psycho Girlfriend is a wearable art collaboration effort by Vanessa Bonet and Kasey McMahon. The whimsical, highly detailed work is based on abstractions of fashion and sculpture on the human form. Both women are artists and fabricators with combined skills in welding, blacksmithing, foam and clay sculpture, casting, leathercraft and sewing. Together they create one-of-a-kind, sculptural creations that explore design by blending traditional and unconventional materials.

Based in Los Angeles and founded in 2004, their work has been shown in various galleries and has been widely featured in both online and print publications including Wired News, Elle D├ęcor Italy, Los Angeles City Beat and


Photo by Marianne Williams

Vanessa Bonet:


I am a sculptor, and have a love for 3-dimensional art.


The drive behind my art is my desire to make fun of all aspects of life, from the unimportant to the most serious, as well as the desire to make art that exposes people to the unfamiliar and pulls them out of their comfort zone.


I began making wearable art in 2003. It all began with a hat. The mouse head hat (now paired with the spork dress) was my first piece, and after making it I realized that wearing one's art is an amazing way to interact with people. The expressive nature and versatility of wearable art as a medium has continued to inspire me. In addition to dresses, I also make giant puppets, and am in the process of creating a collection of giant toy puppets, inspired by old, vintage toys that I have acquired- click here to see Sprinkles..


My favorite word is "noodle," I like cheese, and I have a strange fascination with dolls.

Kasey McMahon:

Kasey McMahon is a multimedia artist based in Los Angeles, California. Her work is driven by her own curiosity regarding our distinctly individual interactions with technology, the world and each other. She is fascinated by the elegant complexity that exists within and between the natural and technological realms: both intricate and untamed in their own ways. Influenced as much by hardware stores and the monsters underneath her bed as by haute couture and fine art, Kasey believes imagination is a superpower we all possess and encourages the occasional sidestepping of grownup life to recall a child's eager fascination with the mundane.

The effect of Kasey's work is humorous and frequently disarming, highlighting the chasms we often create between ourselves, our environments and our machines. Drawing attention to the reverberations created by manipulation of either nature or technology, her work often fuses the two together and imbues the resulting creations with a lighthearted otherworldliness.

More of Kasey's work is here:


We are eternally grateful to the photographers that bring our work to life:
Suzan Jones, Kevin Rolly, Daniel Bergeron and Marianne Williams