Two New Pieces

by Vanessa Bonet


I just finished two new pieces — just in time for TEDxUSC, and consequently Art Walk, which is this weekend. The one on the left is titled “Industrial Ballerina” and consists of a stainless steel outer boning, pink leather, satin ribbon, and chiffon. It’s probably the prettiest, girliest dress I’ve made to date. The one on the right is titled “Space!” and it’s made of aluminum and UV-reactive plastic tubing. I made all of those aluminum pieces from scratch (sheared the aluminum sheets to 2″ squares, drilled 5 holes in each square, cut 2″ pieces of aluminum pipe then tig welded them to the center of each square, then hand-polished each piece to a mirror finish) making it the most labor intensive dress I’ve ever made.

Art Walk will go until 6pm tonight, so if you have a chance, please come by and check them out!

I should note that it’s not the fact that the aluminum pieces were hand-made that made the dress laborious, it is the sheer quantity (approx. 200) that made it so. Most of the pieces we make are created from raw materials (even the doll heads on the baby doll dress are hand sculpted), so that’s nothing new…