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by Vanessa Bonet


Once again, we’re on the home stretch for another Art Walk. I just finished making the final pattern for a piece that I am currently working on while here in the good ‘ol state of Oklahoma…
I will post more progress photos of this dress plus a brand new aluminum piece that I’ve been working on for the last few months once I’m back in LA.

Brewery Artwalk

by Kasey McMahon

We will be opening our studio for Brewery Artwalk April 17 & 18.

Stop by, we’d love to see you!

How to make a birdcage dress

by Kasey McMahon

I posted step-by-step instructions on how to build a birdcage dress of your own. The instructable will teach you how to wrangle brass sufficiently enough to create a flattering and practical dress that doubles as a functional bird cage.

It’s perfect for casual Fridays at the office. Steer clear of cats, coal mines, ferrets and weasels.


A simple project…

by Kasey McMahon

epic_colorA little project for today… print and hang anywhere goods or services are generally hawked. If feeling industrious, pre-snip the tear-out sections at the bottom. Hoping to make someone smile or at least slip them out of the daily grind for a hot second ?

RIP Alexander McQueen

by Kasey McMahon


Such an inspiration. You will be missed…

Infographic Fetish / Crayola’s Law

by Kasey McMahon

crayonsI’ve got a minor obsession for well designed (and silly) infographics. Tufte makes me swoon. I’ll post interesting graphics here as I come across them.

This one by Velo covers Crayola’s Law, which states that the number of colors doubles every 28 years. If that’s the case, we’re gonna need a bigger box…

Regarding Roboferrets

by Kasey McMahon

I came across this this fantastic piece of news the other day: Robotic ferret will detect hidden drugs and weapons

Big news, right? A ferret-robot combination seems unstoppable! Upon closer reading, however, it became apparent that these folks had no idea what a ferret looked like. Figuring that a fair amount was at stake, I prepared an informative infographic. Vanessa and Derek assisted with the explanatory letter to the “scientists” behind the project. Though we have yet to hear back, I like to imagine that they appreciated the clarification. Text and graphic below:

RE: Robotic ferret will detect hidden drugs and weapons

Dear Robotic Scientists,

We fear that perhaps your design team has missed the target with the cargo screening ferret prototype. We feel that calling your mechanism a “cargo screening ferret” is a misnomer intended to misdirect the public into believing that it is a cute, fuzzy crittertbot. It is, in fact, not a critter at all AND not even close to a ferret. Our resident ferret expert, D. Doublin, explained earlier, “a ferret is one long cylinder, not three chubby cylinders all strewn together.” The device is clearly of Tinkertoy descent. Please see infographic below for reference.

As staunch supporters of domesticated polecats, we are concerned that by giving your device the label of “ferret” your final project may result in dangerous, attempted cuddling accidents by illegal aliens hiding inside the storage units as well as lonely, old people out for a stroll.

We at RoboFerrets LLC would be happy to talk to you about a redesign, taking into account the clear-cut needs and strategic nature of the project.

RoboFerrets LLC

Roboferrets v. Tinkertoys

Roboferrets v. Tinkertoys -- Click for larger

Pants Optional - A Fashion Primer

by Kasey McMahon

Inspired by a stern and serious fashion primer and some very silly court imagery,
I put together this little fashion treatise:


ParkeHarrison: The Architect’s Brother

by Kasey McMahon


Inspiring images from Robert ParkeHarrison:

The fate of lost balloons…

by Kasey McMahon

Ginormous stuffed bunny in the Alps

by Kasey McMahon


This is one of my all time favorite projects. Such a huge, ridiculous undertaking. I love it.