The Making of Sprinkles

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The initial clay sculpt.

The block of foam had something
cut out of it.
so I cut it into cubes and reassembled it as a solid block.
The final foam sculpt.   The first layer of paper strip mache.
    Then comes the pulp mache.
All of the features will be sculpted
with pulp.
The face is almost done. Then on to the rest of the head.
I've finished applying the pulp
I added a layer of even finer
  Then I sanded the head to get
ready for paint.
It looks like it's ready to paint,
right? Wrong. After sanding I
noticed it was too thin in areas.
So I had to add another
layer of mache.
While I wait for this to dry
I make the tongue.
It's dry and sanded. It will be
sanded many, many times.
Eventually, it gets primed. After it's primed I coat the head
in sandable primer and sand it again.
Here is the framework with the
backpack parts attached.
I add the first coat of paint. The poles that keep the head attached to the backpack framework had to be fiberglassed into the head.
What a pain in the ass. The rest of the clown is painted.
Art volunteered to help so I stuck
him in the little chair and put him
to work.
Here's a pic of the frame without
the backpack attachments and
freshly painted.
The framework for the shoulders
that will be covered in batting.
Foam hands that will be covered
in vinyl.
Hair and nose gets painted orange. Then over that a layer of red.
Then the mouth. Then I airbrush on the features. The head is almost finished.
Just a little more touch-up work
and I'm done.
The finished product. Yes, I've skipped a few steps.  
  Here's a pic with me in it for scale. He's 10-feet-tall.